Sandwich Boards

Made from Integral Ex-Cel IF FPVC, our sandwich boards are built to last and can be customized to your project’s needs.


When you are looking for a quick, effective and budget friendly advertising solution, look no further than Polymershapes sandwich boards. Constructed out of durable integral, our lightweight and portable sandwich boards are perfect for drawing traffic into your business.

In our warehouse, we stock 3 sizes (large, medium, small) but we are able to manufacture any dimension to your jobs spec. Our sandwich boards are a vibrant white, making them highly visible. Contact us today to add some extra advertising to your business.


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  • Cost-effective Advertising
  • Helps direct customers into your store
  • Durable and Portable
  • Highly visible
10mm x 18.75″ x 23.5″
10mm x 23.5″ x 31.5″
13mm 31.75″ x 47.75″


Lightweight and portable. A location isn’t working? Well with how convenient our sandwich boards are, you can optimally test the best placement solution.

Ready To Go

Our warehouse stocks the most popular sizes for larger, medium or small size job applications.

Budget Friendly

Advertising budgets can ramp up quickly. With an old-school approach like the sandwich board, capture that same traffic at fractions of the cost!

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