Crezon® MDO is a premium, pre-primed, paint grade, MDO plywood which provides a superior surface for finishing.


As a leading wholesale provider of Olympic Panel wood substrates, we offer a selection of these materials – in stock from multiple warehouses throughout North America. Painted MDO is a prefinished, smooth medium density overlay plywood that comes ready for vinyl letters, digital prints & paints. Primed MDO is a pre-primed medium density overlay plywood that saves time & labour as it comes pre-primed with a smooth surface for high-quality enamels.

Crezon®/TwoStep® MDO is a premium, unfinished, paint grade, MDO plywood which provides a superior surface for finishing. rezon®/TwoStep® MDO constructed of an MDO overlay on plywood with Douglas Fir/Hemlock construction. It is produced with a 2 step layup, has a waterproof glue bond and meets APA PS 1-07 specifications. All Olympic products are made in the USA.

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Olympic Panel Painted & Primed MDO Documentation

  • Superior surface & life
  • High strength, light weight
  • Waterproof bond = water resistance
  • High Face/Edge screwholding
  • Very low formaldehyde; meets CARB
  • Economical, uniform smooth surface for high quality paints
  • Exterior signage & bill boards
  • Pallets, bins, totes, crates & reel
  • Theater/ movie set scenery
  • Agricultural & industrial wall lining

Colour & Surface Finish: Unfinishes Kraft paper. Prime before over coating.


Thicknesses: 1/2”
Widths/Lengths: 4’ X 8’


Products are shipped 100% on grade. Each product is produced with top quality that fits the needs for any project.

Waterproof Bond

Constructed with a 2 step layup that provides waterproofing glue bond to meet APA Ps1-07 specifications.

Uniform Smooth Surface

Available with 1 or 2 working faces. The smooth working face is impregnated with MDO cellulose overlay to provide a uniform surface for coating.

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